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Ephemeral Rivers

Image of Ephemeral Rivers


This is the first monograph CD of the art music compositions of Cat Hope, released on the Hat Hut label i [hat(now)ART] n Switzerland. The CD is a cardboard gatefold with extensive notes on each of the five pieces features, including an essay by Christopher Fox. The CD includes two pieces performed by the ensemble Hope directs, Decibel; Miss Fortune X (2012) and Sogno 102 (2013). It also includes solo performances by double bassist Mark Cauvin 'Dynamic Architecture 1' (2015) and by percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson 'Broken Approach' (2014) and a work for string quartet and bass amplifiers, 'Cruel and Usual' (2012).
Recorded at Soundfield Studio by Stuart James, produced by Cat Hope and Stuart James.
All sales go to a commissioning fund to create new pieces of music for the Decibel ensemble.
The album will be distributed worldwide in September 2017 through Outhere Music