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Drawn From Sound [book]

Image of Drawn From Sound [book]


Drawn From Sound showcases Australian contemporary graphic notation practice in a variety of possible forms – as objects, videos and films, websites, interactive programs or images. Supported by a web site, for the interactive and video works, this book celebrates the graphic score not only as a valid form of musical notation, but also as a unique source of visual expression.
Features work by:

Lyndon Blue, Warren Burt, Chris Cobilis, Christopher DeGroot, Mace Francis, Sam Gillies, Percy Grainger, Lee Harrop, Nigel Helyer, Cat Hope, Anita Hustas, David Kim-Boyle, Ron Nagorka, P2, Joe Stawarz, Amanda Stewart, Nathan Thompson, David Young, Lindsay Vickery, Freya Zinovieff.

64pp full colour, perfect bound. Includes curators essay.

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